Our History

Our History

Little Flower school Dibrugarh was opened in answer to the educational request of the people who desired an English Medium School for the education of girls. The two Sisters: Sr. Teresa Villa and Sr. Amelia Boiani arrived at the mission on August 9, 1952 and on the 18th of the same month, they began a kindergarten with fifteen children. The next day there were five more new admissions and the number continued to grow reaching 115 by the end of the year. The majority of the students who came to school were from the outskirts of the town and the surrounding tea garden areas. Distance, therefore, was a problem in getting the children to the school. The industriousness of the two pioneering Sisters found a solution to it through the acquisition of a second hand bus which made two trips to get the students from the distant areas. It can well be said that the school had a truly dynamic start with the Sisters who left no stone unturned in finding solutions to the inevitable obstacles of the beginnings.

The premises of the school were the two classrooms offered to them temporarily by the community of the Missionary Sisters of Mary Help of Christians (MSMHC). The number of students increased to such an extent that by the month of February 1953, i.e. less than a year, the rooms became too small to accommodate the inflated growth as can be noted in the chronicles

β€œThe students were few in the beginning but soon their number rose to 153 and is on the increase. The small bus of the school, which goes to take the children in the morning from their houses, which are scattered in the vast plantations of tea, is not sufficient any more. There is a need of substituting it with a bigger bus. What is worse, however, is the lack of sufficient space in the temporary school premises. This leads to a compelling need to begin the construction of a building for this purpose for which the government has already offered a vast stretch of land.”

Thus, the foundation stone of the school building was laid on May 14, 1953, feast day of Maria Domenica Mazzarello.

S.No Superiors: 1952 – 2020 Headmistresses: 1952 – 2020
1 Sr. Villa Teresa Sr. Miorelli Luigine
2 Sr. Angela Daglio Sr. Mas Carenhas Maria
3 Sr. Tilde Galli Sr. Tidle Galli
4 Sr. Marengo Maddalem Sr. Banagan Hilda
5 Sr. Mampilly Mary Sr. Odelia Kharlukhi
6 Sr. Catherine Susngi Sr. Lydia Dias
7 Sr. Lydia Dias Sr. Beatrice Gonsalves
8 Sr. Regizinda George Sr. Elizabeth George
9 Sr. Rodrigues Maria Sr. Horne Linda
10 Sr. Thayil Mary Sr. Beatrice Gonsalves
11 Sr. Puthenpurakel Bridget Sr. Victoria Nunes
12 Sr. Parekkat Mary Sr. Mary Vazhakalayil
13 Sr. Kujur Mariana Sr. Jemella Joseph
14 Sr. Elsy Vayalil Sr. Kaniambady Elizabeth
15 Sr. Vazhakalayil Mary Sr. Jessy Nedumala
16 Sr Alphonsa Kurisingal Sr. Victoria Nunes
17 Sr Teresa Kurian Sr Tessy Davis
18 Sr Elsy Vayalil Sr Nelia Mary